This is the age of the Internet where everything happens at a rapid pace, and whatever is happening seems to be happening online. Most businesses realize the importance of being noticed online and are jostling for space on the crowded world of Web. However, the truth is that merely having a grand looking website is hardly enough for generating revenues. Unless your website is optimized you’ll be lost in the vast ocean of Internet, which is a maze of millions of sites hawking their wares.

Here are 5 vital aspects required to achieve SEO success at global levels:

1.Presence across the globe

You’ll find umpteen SEO tools that can help you monitor your website’s performance in every geographic region where Internet is in use. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of expert analysis of any seasoned digital marketing company that makes it its business to identify target audience in a particular demography.  These tools are also adept at fetching you your website’s ranking and Internet Protocol Tracking.

Although these are not very sophisticated tools, they help you easily understand how your website is performing across the country. The tool is also smart enough to detect specific keywords that have a direct relation to particular user profiles. All this information helps you better understand the prevailing trends in the target audience you are trying to reach out to.

2. Diverse audience

You need to understand that your target audiences come from diverse cultures and backgrounds hence need not think or act in a similar fashion. Research conducted by online research organizations indicate that there is a set pattern that is reflected consistently even at global levels.

Whatever the search engine used and irrespective of whether the search is on a continuous basis or suffers breaks in between, users invariably become definite conversions. It really doesn’t matter what route they have adopted to reach their goal. One good example is Google’s Journey to conversion that helps identify the prevailing trends in various geographies. This tool helps online companies plan a winning online strategy.

3. Importance of Language

With thousands of languages being used to communicate all over the world, and given the diversity in culture and practices, it makes more sense to have websites in multiple languages. While designing your website itself you need to ensure that it appears in the language of the country or region where it is being accessed. Moreover, importance needs to be given for specific keywords that are trending in a specific region or for a specific product or service in that region.

4. Using SEO-specific terms

Now that it has been established that SEO plays a vital role in the efficacy of a website, the focus needs to be on keywords in order to achieve success. One needs to research region-specific keywords and include them in the flow of the content naturally so that success is achieved at global levels.

It is easy to measure the performance of your website based on the keywords and key phrases that are used. While some of the keywords may be used seasonally, it is important to track the exact time of the year when such keywords are used most in order to target your audience and ensure conversions.

5. Don’t ignore link-building

Link building is the life-breath of SEO, and it makes sense to make it a part of your SEO strategy. Link auditing is another aspect of SEO that is important for content marketing, irrespective of the target locations (anywhere in the world). Before Google’s Penguin Algorithm came into being (way back in 2012) link building used to be done religiously simply by inserting links on whichever website that was willing to accept it. Today the scene is quite different, and indiscriminate link building efforts will only lead to you being penalized by Google. Link building today involves devising effective strategies that rely on well-researched, original and compelling content that can carry useful links.


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