Driving traffic to your website takes you only halfway through: once you have some users evincing interest, what’s the best way to help them become aware of your products so that there are more conversions? Gone are the days when it was enough if you had an online business. Today online businesses are a dime a dozen.

Here are 5 important ways to increase your e commerce revenues:

  1. Have a great landing page

All e commerce service providers need to realize the importance of having a great landing page to which they can divert the users. Remember that your landing page is the best window to showcase your products. It doesn’t suffice if you just divert users to your landing page, though. You need to engage the customers first and then urge them to visit your products page and click on the ‘buy’ button. One of the best ways to achieve this is to optimize the landing page of your website.

  1. Search Engine Optimization and Product Descriptions

You need to display your products in an attractive way and have crisp and catchy content by way of product descriptions. The product description content should be brief and to the point and also sound genuine so that they attract users instantly. Moreover, it is the way the content in the form of text description that enables the leading search engines to index frequently used keywords leading to better conversion rates. Search engines respect original and unique content and never trash them the way they do substandard or plagiarized content.

  1. Search Functions that enable easy access

The trick lies in making it easy for the users to find your products that they are looking for on the Web. Merely attracting customers to your website is not enough, only a user-friendly search function can lead them to the exact page. The page needs to be designed accordingly, so that the color scheme and design attract users automatically so that conversion is guaranteed.

  1. Fast-loading Pages

Invariably most customers do not stay on a web page for too long and all you have is a few seconds to catch their attention and urge them to stay long enough. It can be really very annoying if your website has pages that take ages to load. This can only irritate impatient customers who abandon the search and start looking elsewhere. If you want good conversions ensure that your website pages load adequately fast.

  1. Quick Checkout

Many a website loses valuable business due to a sluggish and painful checkout process. It is natural for anyone to get irritated if the checkout process takes ages and holds them up unnecessarily. Ensure that the checkout process is quick and features cheap shipping options. COD or cash-on-delivery is a very popular option that most users favor because of the general mistrust with e commerce companies. Most users do not mind paying a slightly higher price if they opt for COD.

To sum it all up, any company that tries to follow the above mentioned points should see a good increase in e commerce revenues. If you would like to know more about the range of e commerce solutions we provide visit digipercepttoday and get in touch with us right away.


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